Sunday, 21 September 2014

September Goals

Hello Hobbits! I am back with a new blog for you all. It's a little late in the game for the month but it's because of the fact I have been out of town and haven't had much of a chance to get this posted. But it deserved to have one! (Well in my opinion) 

It's kind of funny how doing this in the middle of the month has really made me change what my goals and wishes are for the month, it's really interesting to see how things change even in just a few small weeks. 

My Goals:

1, Finish my new drawings.
2. Blog Each week and be more active in the planner community.
3. Make my dashboards/washi cards to sell. 
4. Open my etsy shop.

I am trying to work very hard this month to step out into the planner community as a seller and as someone who is well known.

I will begin with doing more reviews and I am starting a monthly advice collumn to help those who have some issues getting some help planning. After all, without help, I wouldn't be where I am either.

I have also included my weekly tips in my intstagram. I will also hopefully be sharing my planner and such in videos as I am hoping to dive into that media as well. 

A wonderful friend of mine helped to create some new inserts for me. Some that I hope will be more beneficial. They are not for commercial sale as the ones on the right belong to RogueCrusade on etsy and by no means do we want to steal her idea. 

I love these inserts because they have given me all I need to help me keep focused on my day to day life. 

For project and blog planning I changed up my system and made it much simpler as shown above. 

In the last month I was writing down so much in the month and it was excessive because I would also be doing the same thing in my blog planner. So what I did was use my Masking Stickers and Martha Stewart Dew Drops to show exactly what each project/blog is and which days I will be focusing on thatg. Of course it's just a basic look and not all I am working on. 

I find if I give myself one big goal to complete, I am in a much better place then if I try and mircomanage each little detail in my days. I need flexibility in my life. 

So this is just the basic look into my goals and what I want to get done this month. It's overdue as I have said but I wanted to have it posted because I have been told there is interest into looking at it. ! =) 

Thanks again my Hobbits!

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Monday, 1 September 2014

Monthly Review : August

Welcome to my Monthly Reivew of August, my little Hobbits. =)

Today is just a review on how my month went in terms of my projects and blog planning. I created a system at the last of july that I had hoped would help me with my planning as you see above.

This did help in some ways but the biggest thing I found was that I was overscheduling myself because my life is very hectic in terms of lots of things to do, so I in the next blog will show you how I have changed my methods to make my system work for me.

Now onto the GOALS: 

Goals Completed
- Fit Bit Challenge
- Started my drawing projects
- Completed all 4 POTD Challenges
- 1500 subscribers.
- Planner Management.

Goals Not Completed
Writing Projects
- Drinking Pop only once a week, 
- No Spend Month 
- Drinking my daily water.

Most of my goals that were not completed were personal goals I set for myself, ones I wanted to complete to ease some financial or health issues. However when it came to my writing project the biggest problem I find, is my writing.

When I see my writing I get a bit frustrated because it's no where near neat enough for me. So I will work on that in the coming months, as well save up some money to get a small computer or something of the sort of an app. So I can use that system for my writing projects. 

The way I choose to work is that when I find an obstacle, I try to work out a way with it, versus just dropping it. I need to accomplsh my goals, and I won't do that by giving up! 

What I learned

- Not to overbook myself, I need balance between personal and work to allow for my planner to really help me achieve my goals and to worry less about other things. 
- Planning ahead is key. If I plan my projects in my monthly format, I have an awesome over view of all I can get done this month, and even if one or two things doesn't get finished, I can still know I have completed so much more. 
- I purchased a grid book from May Designs this month and using it as my blog and Instagram tracker has really helped me in keeping track of my "work" and aware of the things going on. 
- Being prepared and scheduling things in a manner that I can complete them. If I am making up a large project and haven't got the materials or time to do it, it won't get very far. So being prepared and giving myself the time I need will be crucial next month. 

Onto the next month:
- Room Organization
- Finish my Time Turner Drawing
- Post my weekly blogs on time.
- Use my May Book as its intended. 
- Keep to my no spend and sell sell sell monthly goals. 

I truly believe that being organized comes from a want to not just be organized but the passion to have a life that is free from clutter. 

So I hope that you enjoyed this blog and I look forward to sharing my full monthly Goals with you next week.

Thanks again and Stay Organized. 

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Kate Spade Planner Story

This is my collection of Kate Spade Planners. =) 

I have been asked every time I post my collection, where I get them and how I managed to get them all, especially since it seems everyone has such a problem doing that.

First off I want to say that this isn't a blog meant for bragging or anything of the sort. I had to work hard to afford my planners just like anyone else, and although I did have help obtaining them, I did pay and work for them all myself. 

Also I will not be sharing the prices I paid. I know they might be less or more then what you feel should of been paid for them, so just know I paid what i needed to pay. = )

Soo... From the beginning.

I first discovered Kate Spade Planners from youtube. I believe it was My_Planner on youtube. I fell in love with the planners and finally decided after much debate on a zipped planner to purchase one.

So it came first my Black Planner.

My older sister Kayla (Somuchtogain) and I went to Vegas April 2014 and I found my very first one in the Kate Spade Outlet there. I immediatly fell in love and knew from then I wanted to have this collection.

Never before had I felt such peace and comfort from a planner. It fit me perfectly. 

So next came my red one.

This was the first of my trades, I traded the red for my A5 Finsbury in rasberry to a girl on facebook named Vivian. She was so generous in trading with me, and although its actually the only one I haven't yet used, I can't wait until the fall time when it's beautiful crimson colour will shine. =) 

Next came my lovely green, one of my top 3 favourite colours. It came from a girl on facebook (as did most of mine) who took a big dip on my shipping for me and sent it with some cute little goodiers that I've already used up. 

My Beautiful Purple was the next to come to me. I bought it from a seller on ebay who thankfully allowed me to purchase outside of her lising which was amazingly generous. I was so excited when I got her and she is my top favourite!

My Coral came from Katherine Peas on facebook. Also knows as PeasKneas on instagram. She had been struggling with the idea of selling for a long while because she wasn't sure if she liked it or if she was thinking it miuch to orange for her.

So we talked for a while and she finally decided she couldn;t stand the colour and sent it to me with some lovely matching target flags which I think are mostly to blame for my new addiction with them. =) 

And last my pink.. It was hard to make the choice to trade my personal and pocket mint kikki k for this planner and in some ways I do regret it.. Especially now that I got my lilac because I love my personal lilac and wish I had my matching mint.

So thats my story basically. .Not very interesting but I wanted to have it laid out because I am always asked and this hopefully might lead to some answers. Down below I will list the groups and such that you can check out for the planners and hopefully find your unicorn as I have found mine. =)

Thank you for tuning in and hopefully you'll tune in for the next post. = ) 

Facebook: Kate Spade Planner Club
               : Filofax and pens for sale.

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Organizing 101 : Planner Supplies

Hi everyone, I am back with a new blog which has a focus on something all of us have! Planner supplies!

I myself being a simplist with an over thinking brain really had to work on making something that was not only easy to get to, but was fuctional. 

I get easily overhwelmed by things and having the ability to go ahead and find what I need, or switch my supplies up as quick as possible is really something nesesccary. 

So as the pictures below will show, the three things I need to keep organized are!

- My Scrap Booking tote, 
- My Orla Kiely Bag
- Sonia bag from target.

These three items help to keep my supplies easily organized using either the various compartments for catagories, or using the envelope method** for my loose stickers and such.

** Method meaning using either envelopes or similar to put my loose sticky notes and labeling the fronts as to keep organized.

Now I really wondered on what would be the best way to do this beyond just showing you through pictures so I decided to sit down and make up ten tips I use whenever I think on my organizing, and perhaps these tips might help relate to your organzing needs.

(NOTE: These are in no particular order.)

1. Use Labels. Labels help to keep things in order by grabbing your attention and by then helping you to put things in their correct desitnation. 

2. Make it simple, you don't need to have a billion different compartments to keep things organized, go with what works for you!

3. Dejunk often. Don't get overhwelmed with all this stuff. Don't keep things you don't use, it doesn't nothing but cause wasted space. I like to go through my stuff once a week, or whenever I get a haul and update because sometimes it's easy to let it get away from you.

4.  Samples are key! Use washi samples, sticky note samples, ect. Using samples lets you not only have a variety and use all of your stash, but it helps with the tip above. If you use it and dislike it, then you can easily know thats something that you should get rid of. 

5, I reccomend using a travel size pack for your daily planner needs, that way you are using a mix of stuff thats right infront of you and always able to be used. Versus always having to dig through your stash to find what you need. It keeps you using your items and keeps you from getting to overwhelmed. 

6. Don't buy in bulk! I know it's tempting to buy everything on sale, god knows I have. But if you think on how much you might actually use something, buying just one or two might be enough for you. However that being said, if it's something you do use daily, then there is no harm, just be aware of the space this new amount is going to take.

7. Variety is the spice of life! Keep changing it up, if something iisn't workiing for your planner storage or you find that you aren't using your stuff because of it. Switch it up until you find a system that works.

8. You don't have to buy more to be organized! You can work with what you have and do amazing things!

9. Get creative. Use things that you have, make a shoe box into your sticker or stationary holder, make a vase into a pencil holder.. Get creative and make what you have around work, because you never know what you might find. 

10. Make it work for you. Don't do something just because someone else does, because in the end, it's you who has to use it so make your orgnanization work for you. 

Some of these tips might of sounded a bit repeated but I like to go by them when I consider my own organization needs. My planner holds my life and it deserves to have it's supplies considered just as carefully. 

Thanks for reading and remember my hobbits! Keep it simple.

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Monthly Goal/Set Up (August 2014)

Hi there my Hobbits, it's good to send another blog your way again! I am not sure how many of you actually read my blog or enjoy it for that matter, but I do enjoy writing them for you.

I am hoping my new schedule of blogs will help because if you prefer one option over the other then you only have to tune into my blogs during certain periods in the month. 

So that actually brings me to the topic of my current blog: My monthly goals and set up!

So we will first go into my month set up as thats what changed the most and then do an overview of my monthly goals. 

If you follow me on instagram then you already know that I currently switched to using both my Kate Spade Personal size Wellesley Planner and my mint green Kikki K A5 planner. One is specifically for my day to- day events and the other is been brought in to help manage my projects and blogs during the month. I have noticed while my to do's and such are much more organized, my blog and projects have been all over the place lately and I wanted to try and get a handle put on everything so I could focus more on one thing, versus having a ten things a week I want to accomplish because I am not sure what else I can get done in short periods of time.

So as I will show you below, I have devised a monthly system which takes full advantage of the times during the week that I have the most time, and will allow me to accomplish the most tasks. 

So as seen above is my monthly spread broken down in the Friday/Saturday/Sunday side of the spread from Kikki K monthly planners. This section is specifically for the blog I will be posting that week as indicated by the circle masking sticker dots I have used to help my color coding system.

Pink: Month Set Up/Goals
Green: Organzing 101
Orange: Planner Choice
Blue: Random
Dark Grey: My month review. 

Next to that is Martha Stewart dew drops which are used to label my projects. I love the Kikki K monthly inserts because they have these lovely side bars for notes which became perfect to use for my projects. Something simple to put something as easy as "Copic Commision - Taylor Swift" Or whatever the case may be. Its simple but it stands out to me and helps me to see it and know whats on the go for that current week.

Projects are labeled under;

Red: Writing General
Orange: Drawing
Yellow: Other
Green: Time Management
Blue: Novel 

I also use a date system to allow me to get one thing done before I start another so in example of this week.

Mon/Tues/Wed: My Writing General Project.
Thurs/friday/saturday/Sunday: Is what I use for my blog days.

I always write in pencil so that way if something should come up such as a drawing commision or something of the sort, I always have the ability to move my own personal projects around and fit in something, or if I decide I don't wish to work on a certain project. 

Having this new system in my set up has helped me more then I even realised in my last few weeks. It puts it all out in a monthly spread what needs to be done and then it makes it quite easy then to flip to my weekly pages. 

My weekly pages are where the meat of my to do's which then go into the Kate Spade Daily pages comes from. I use my date system in my weeks as well.

On the left page is my Mon-Wed days and all my to-do's for that weeks projects are located there.

The right page is Thur-Sun and my blog to do's go in there. 

I take from this list and put them down into the daily pages under their appropriate catagories as to always make sure even if I only carry one planner, I can keep a firm look on what is going on with my projects and Blogs so I never let anything slip as I was before. 

My Daily Pages have not changed, I had some A5 printed should I wish to move into this planner permanently, but they are still my current choice for my Kate Spade Planner.

Using my new system has allowed me to break down my to do sheets and keeps me accountable for what needs to be completed for my next day. However when it comes down to the actual use of these inserts, there hasn't been much change beyond now using the daily schedule on the top of the page to schedule my four potd (Photo of the day) challenges. 

So thats my system and now to move on  to tracking and accountabilitiy!

My projects in terms of art and blogs have been broken down into the graphs shown above. For Blogs I have a simple.

Write Up

Just the few things I know I need to get done for each blog and while it may not be that blogs week I might have a idea come to me and this is a way to keep track of that concept as well. 

For my art I use.

Finish and Post.

I am also going to include a V - Video option as I am now capable of adding in my drawing video/Planner video options with my new desk set up. 

I am also using a notebook to keep track of my ideas, it's similar to the project management book that I discovered from  OrganizedJen On youtube or instagram. Her idea inspired me to take my own spin on the concept.

SO!  Now for

Monthly Goals

I decided to put my monthly goals on the very front of my Kikki K Project Planning Binder because then I am always in sight of it and it keeps me aware of the goals I am working on at any given month. I am not going to type them all out but a few of mine include.

- POTD Challenges
- No spend Month
- Sell all I don't use.
- Blog Once a week.

I am very focused on making my goals work and making them realistic as to what my current situation and such is right now. 

So I know  that may of been a little long winded so if you have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know in the comments or email me at.

Or Contact me/vist me VIA

IG: OrganizedHobbit 

SO thank you so much for reading another blog of mine, thank you for taking the time and please enjoy your long weekends. 
Thanks again!
Amie ( OH) 


Monday, 21 July 2014

Planner FAQ

Hello Hobbits! This is Amie speaking again and I am back with a brand new blog post in a bit of a different format today. Today is a blog FAQ where I took some of the many questions that I have been asked and decided instead of just answering them myself, I would bring the question to two different types of planner users. One who uses a Filofax/Gillio  and the other who has used Kate spade. I originally intended for a Erin Condren user but I changed my mind when I found I wanted to bring in more of the planner worlds that I know about. 

For my Filofax/Gillio is 
- Rita Sedani
IG: Ritasedani
Filofax: Medium Compagna In Bazaar Rose Gillio. ( She also uses a filofax) 

For my Kate Spade Planner:
- Ashley Witt
IG: Ashinwonderland84
KS: Kate Spade Wellesley in Pink.

These two lovely ladies have agreed to work with me and answered my questions so thank you ladies and I hope that you enjoyed their answers!!

If you are interested, please feel free to email me with your own answers to the following questions or if you have any other questions to:

What planner do you use everyday?

What do you need to keep you organized?

Your planner system

did you try other planners and if so; why didn't they work?

Favourite inserts and why?

What do you have inside your planner ?

Name of your dividers and what you keep in them?

What kinds of pens you use ?

Decorating and how you do it?

Your favourite part of your planner?

Any tips and tricks?


What planner do you use everyday?

My Hobonitche and Personal Panama in Pearl (Filofax)

What do you need to keep you organized?

Kokuyo NeoCritz Transformer Pencil Case – it holds many pens! 
I own an agency for voiceovers many jobs remain unconfirmed for a couple of weeks, so a Frixion pen is always handy. I also use Pilot V5 Hi-Techpoint in red, purple, pink and blue for my bullet journaling. Sticky notes and my Sketch Master stencil, which I use for bullet journaling. 

What is your planner system 

Did you try other planners and if so; why didn't they work?

I tried A5 filofaxes, they didn’t work for me, as I found the rings too restrictive 

Favourite inserts and why?

Louis Vuitton for my personal Filofax. I love the colour of them and I love that the corners are perforated, so as the week ends I can tear off the corners. 

What do you have inside your planner?

Oli clips, a Kate Spade bow clip, Martha Stewart tabs and sticky notes, hand made dashboard, a handmade pocket, dairy and note paper 

Name of your dividers and what you keep in them?

I don’t use dividers 

What kinds of pens you use?

Pilot V-Tech 0.5, Kawecosport fountain pen, Muji smooth writing pen, Cocoiro pens, frixion pens and a Coleto pen

Decorating and how you do it?

Mostly use washi, stickers and I doodle 

Your favourite part of your planner?

The gold rings!!! 

Any tips and tricks?
If you haven’t found planner peace, I would suggest sitting down with pen and paper and making a list of all the things you need to keep track of, what you want from your planner, what type of paper you prefer to write on and what size is right for you. Then stick to one planner and see if within two weeks of everyday use it works for you. If not, then make a list of what needs adjusting. Eventually planner peace will come! 

Pictures of her lovely planner :)

Kate spade:

What planner do you use everyday?

 I use my Kate Spade Wellesley zip-around in pink and I love it.

What do you need to keep you organized? 

My planner of course! But I think a huge part of that is what important parts of your life need organizing. So you have to ask yourself, what sections need to go into my planner? I'll expand more on that in the next question.

What is your planner system? 

My planner system basically includes monthly/weekly, to-do, journal, goals and finances. Within each of these is another system. To-do basically includes things I need to do around the house, things I'd like to buy myself (needs and wants), books I want to read, RAK lists, a list of paper places in town, and movies to watch. The journal section is pretty self-explanatory and I also stick in little things like movie tickets so they all stay in one place. Goals includes personal goals like losing weight, my bucket list, places I want to travel to. My finances includes all the financial inserts from Polka Dot Posie and I love them. In that section I also keep a running list of what I need to pull out bill wise from each paycheck.

Did you try other planners and if so; why didn't they work? 

The only other planner I have is the large Kikki-K in mint and I actually use that one as well for work. Favourite inserts and why? The Polka Dot Posie financial inserts are great! They really help me keep my finances in line which is one of my weaknesses right now so I'm hoping to turn that around with these 

What do you have inside of your planner? 

Personal photos, paperclips, sticky tabs and pads and encouraging words. Name of your dividers and what you keep in them? (I expanded on this earlier with the planner system section) 

What kinds of pens you use ?

 I use the Pilot Juice Gel Ink pens and they right very smoothly. Most importantly they don't bleed through the paper. 

Decorating and how you do it?

 I like using washi on my weekly pages just to liven things up. I also use stickers and little doodles. It helps me to remember what I have coming up in my week! 

Your favourite part of your planner?

 I would say either between the weekly section because it's always changing or my journal section where I can just let all of my thoughts and feelings out. 

Any tips and tricks? 

Just have fun! Personalize it to your liking. Find out what needs organizing in your life. Different planners work for different people. Some people don't like the zip, others do because it keeps all of their little planner goodies in their. Don't get frustrated in finding your planner peace, just go with the flow!

Thank you so much for answering my questions ladies!

I hope that this will be a good help for some of you that might be struggling and trying to find possibly some inspiration on what might work for you? Either way I would love as I have said to see more of all of your planners and if you have any questions I am always able to talk! go ahead and contact me on one of the following ways.

IG: Organizedhobbit
Facebook: I am Amie Smith on facebook and I have several groups that I am common in.

Thanks again and stay organized!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Organizing 101 : Desk space.

Hello my little Hobbits, it's me back again with a new blog post for you. 

This one is focused on the organization in regards to the random and then more common aspects to things any artist/planner person uses... Or at the very least the things I do to make my life a little more organzied. 

So first thing is my desk top, because lets face it.. Regardless of what I might shove in my drawers I still have to face the desk top each time I come back into my room.. So I try and keep it as organized as possible. 

For my tools and main small washi tapes as well as my heat tool I repurposed some old vases and put some small stones in to keep them up to the level. I like to keep my paintbrushes and my other misc tools in the one on the left and the washi tape that I reach for on a daily basis or my thinner washi tapes as my main storage for them is quite full as you will see below. =)

I bought this little holder organizer from walmart, but I have seen other options in staples/michaels and any other organizer store. I use the small tray on top to hold some basic items and smal tags that I use between each of the projects I work on. 
To make it simple I will use the left to right method to describe the caddy and the things I keep into it.

Paper Clips and small unused eraser. I always need a spare eraser for my drawings and it never fails if I need to clip up something that I don't have the neccesary clips to do so, so I keep those inside the first pack for easy and constant access. 

The next two are various things I use for my art such as some small watercolour pots and q-tips as well for my blending and of course cleaning up my ears when needed haha!!

The second row is planner related and in each in respective to the 123 order is my decorative clips for my planner, my sticker flakes and some transparent stickys that I use every day, and then in the very last is my favourite, it houses my random sticky notes that don't have a home.. I tried storing them in a different place such as my Orla Keily planner pouch but I found that I wasn't using them and with that I needed them to be in a constant place.. To me if something is actually around you then you are more inclined to use it, versus only using it when you go for the case in the first place. 

Bottom row just consists of my change, batteries and my junk spot where all my little things that I never really need but like to have around. 

Again for my pens and common used markers is a repurposed vase that my mother gave me and I thought would be perfect and gave my desk a little more of a feminine and classy (in my opinion) touch! I just keep my most grabbed pens as well as my sharpie pens because I use them on a daily basis for art journalling and in my planner for my titles. 

My little side cubby is part of the walmart orgnizational collection currently out and I love it because it fits perfectly between my desk and my shelf. I like to keep my box of q-tips, stabilos, crayola pencil crayons, and my longer rulers and my paper cutters. A shoe box or anything spare would work just as good, but it was something I bought when I needed a temporary home for my washi and it was perfect for this space. Plus it keeps up standing and again a very easy access for me. 

On my desk I have a keruig k cup holder which fits washi tape perfectly.. I discovered this awesome idea when I was just putting my washi in random objects around my house trying to find something to keep it organized. As you can see there is no colour system but I do put my newest ones to the left and go further over.. But I have more organization when it comes to my washi samples I keep in my planner because unless it's a new project I go for the stuff I keep in my planner soI can use it up and then make some new samples. =) 

So my basic desk set up looks like what it does down below other then some new tweaks now and again... I don't mind having some things around here and there like a pack of gum or something, but I like to keep my main work area clean and tidy because that promotes productivity. 
My picture is a throw back to one I posted a little while ago on my instagram, because it does mirror exactly what my desk currently looks like. Except some of the cups and toilet paper are gone because the projects I was using some of the things for are finished. =) 

My organization tips when it comes to a desk top.
1. Keep it clear and free of clutter, an open desk allows for an open mind. 
2. Keep the things you use daily close, but don't over stock yourself. Don't put in 15 pens just because you use pens every day. Less can be more, use what you need and leave the rest to a different location so you don't feel like you are drowning in your items. 
3. I reccomend using some sort of mat on your desk to keep it neat and tidy, especially if you are a crafter or an artist because some of the things we use can be messy and this helps to keep our desk protected as well.
4. Make it your own, use items you love and inspire you so when you sit there you feel good... You feel like you can be productive... If having some level of disorganization helps you.. Then always go with what works for you.. 
5. Organization doesn't have to be complicated, don't do all the things I do or you see someone else does because it works for them. Often times if you go with what simply /works/ then you'll be fine.. Especially true I find with my desk because my needs won't match others and if I tried to make my desk work to someone elses, I wouldn't be as inpsired to work in my own way. 

Second part now is related to my desk drawers which can be slightly disorganized at times but I have a good system going now that works to keep my desk free and clear.

My top drawer is my far most organized drawer thanks to the organization bins that I found from walmart.  I keep my tape, my smaller punches, lip balm and gum. Some small things as you can see, but just the bare minimum of things that I know I use on a daily or every couple of days because as you probably notice, I think less is more haha!! The one thing is that I do enjoy having some things in there that I don't neccesarly need in such a close drawer such as my small hello kitty container or two flashlights.. It's just something small I like to allow myself. 

My second desk drawer is my... Planner/organizational/art area.. i keep my Project management as well as my ipad and my novel planning book near the back of my drawer. At the side I have my blending stumps and my extra different size pencils in the two orange and brown containers. Infront of that is my punches and MT Washi. =) 

The next section is for my art journalling, it houses my art journal and my little purple scraps container that I recieved from Monkeytoes on facebook. -=) Above that is my little watercolour pallet. 

I keep this area organized by type of product it is.. My Crafting, art and organization.  

The last and least organized is my last drawer. In this is just a container housing my photos for my project life and my various artistic tools such as pastel and watercolour pencils. I also keep my mineral spirits which I use for various crafting.. This drawer is meant to use for a filing system but for my needs it wasn't neccesary so I changed it up and made it work into something that was much more functional. 

So a few tips again for your drawer management.
1. Use little cubbies to help break up things so they sit flat and arent just sticking any which way.. Doing that will help keep everything in line. 
2. Don't use each drawer for what it's meant to! Change it up and keep mixing stuff around until you find what works, if you need the extra space for something different, go for it!

Some of this might of seem basic to some and some might of seemed to involved but this Organization blog was just my way of using what I have found worked for me to perhaps inspire you in a way to find something to solve your own organization woes.

Any feedback would be appreciated because my Organization 101 blogs will become a monthly event and I'd love to know what you liked, didn't like and what you would want to see in the future.

If you have any questions or want to know where I got anything please feel free to email:

My Instagram: Organizedhobbit

I am also on many of the facebook groups so feel free to chat me up or just send me a like now and then. =) Thank you for reading my hobbits and keep tuned for my upcoming interviews.! 

Monday, 30 June 2014

My daily pages and how I use them.

Hello my lovely little hobbit followers, I am here today with a new blog post for you to introduce you to my planner peace; my Kate Spade Wellesley Planner.

The above image is a look at the current colour I am using is the green planner, while I wait so very long to have my purple and pink to come in and complete my collection. 

It took a long time to figure out that this was the planner for me and I like so many have tried so many before I finally got to using one that gave me everything that I would ever need in my planners daily life. My hope is that Kate Spade comes out with a new zipped collection as the six I have now would love another collection to accompany them =) 

So.. Why Kate Spade right? Its a question I get really often and I am sure all those other ones but thats a question that will be answered in my next blog involving my Kate spade Planner Peace Blog =) So no worries for those who have asked, I just prefer to wait until I have all of my planners in my possession and am able to give you the full attentions to detail. 

Okay so what makes me Organized? 

These Key things keep me Organized.

-  My Planner
-  My Colour Coded System
-  Bullet Journal System 
- My Necessities pouch 
- My Coleto Pen
- My wonderfully printed inserts from RogueCrusade On Etsy. These have all that I need to be organized and keep within a wonderful system.

So First My Planner: 

My Planner of Choice is the  Kate Spade Wellesley in any colour. I am a personal size user as I am not terribly busy in terms of appointments and such, but there is a need for organization when it comes to my daily to do's and my general needs. 

The above are just examples of a day that I use in my planner, specifically todays page which for all intensive purposes might seem a little bit messy to some or a little bit unorganized because of the cute post its and washi tape, but its what I use to keep this Hobbit organized. 

On a Daily event I use different sticky flags and notes depending on what I am going for or how much information needs to be completed.
The top {   } is where I keep a quote to have me inspired for the day ahead. That is colour coded in pink because it is a happy colour and I ab
The Top spot beside is where I keep any appointments or anything from that day that I just want to remember and that is a general item so unless it's important it goes colour coded in Black.

Underneath there are four little blocks
-Money Saved
-Money earned
-Happy moment of the day
- And one I haven't quite found a use for but I am thinking of using it for a track on my WW points as I am using the program. 

Underneath these four blocks is a spot for the days to-do's which is done for me in purple and along side I use my bullet journal system which consists of the below things.

Beside this area is a spot for tracking the days water and beneath my water tracker is where I keep my 365/30 lists which in this month I used the one from Bitsofwhimsey on IG and a pen pal on facebook. Her lists were intriguing and I hope she does one for the month of july. 

On the lined area I use a sticky note each day to put a little bit of a personal inspiration or goal as per seen by My Planner on Youtube, her use of these inserts is what truly inspired me in my own personal system and I will be grateful for all the beautiful ideas she gave to me although I doubt she knows that she did. =) 

N The pen shown above is a Scillies pen with three different colour coding options. It's like the coleto and refillable. Thin lined at 0.4 and so beautiful and clean looking in my planner! 

So I also use the lines for keeping track of the days instagram photo challenge which this month was sponsored by Adamsfilo. I am doing my own today so please if you have an Instagram check it out! All Links and appropriate information is located at the bottom of this blog.

In the planner I use my A TO Z tabs which will be another blog because its quite in depth and I know this is already running into a log blog. I will also be including in that blog my planner pouch because it needs a bit of tweaking and it's quite messy =P 

Anyway my little hobbits thats just a basic look into my current set up when it comes to my daily works. I know it might be a little bit confusing and basic but I will be uploading a video on my youtube channel soon enough that explains it all if there is any other questions.

However feel free to follow or contact me through any of these mediums.

Facebook: Amie Smith ( You can always find me on the facebook groups_
Instagram: OrganizedHobbit
youtube.  Organizedhobbit 

Thank you my hobbit followers, as always it's a pleasure!


Sunday, 15 June 2014

What filofax or planner is suited for you?

Hello My little Hobbits! Today I am doing up a blog on regards to picking out a filofax or other planner that will suit your needs best. 

Types of Planners

We all know in the planner community that there is a pleathera of different types of planners that you can have and use and all need careful consideration when we are deciding on what kind would be the best for our planning needs. 

Most common types of planners are: 

- Coil Planners
- Ring Binder types
- Book Like planners
- Applications on the iphone or other smart phone.

So many different options that then are again broken down into several hundred brands!

- Filofax
- Gillo 
- Staples
- Kate Spade
- Kikki K
-Erin Condren 
Ect. Each brand and each type of planner has their own good points and bad that need to be considered,

So lets take a look at what each type can offer us?


Coil Planners such staples/mead , Erin Condren and many other fine brands offer a structure to them because all the inserts are already pre layed out for us. This type of planner is usually good for the basic user, someone who might not need to go as in depth because there isn't much room for moving and personalization. 
The same goes for a user with a book layout, the books are premaid and often come in a week on two page layout, moleskine is a huge brand in book planners and offer a nice range of sizes for all users. 
Each brand has their own unique layouts and options and a user needs to consider carefully when choosing their planner. 

Now onto the more in depth planners such as a ring binder type planner.,

These planners offer a great personalization and open ended structure because they allow the user to go ahead and move things around, pick their inserts and use each part of the binder to their choosing. 
A minus to this for many can be the cost of the planners because it can be quite expensive to pick out one such as this, although there is companies that offer kess expensive binder options such as Franklin Covey. 

When choosing a binder one also has to consider what material they want it made out of? Leather or non leather, shiny or matte? A look of a planner can truly make someone more or less organized, I have found this to be the fact when using my own. 

In basics the best things you need to consider is what you need your own planner for, if it's a truly in depth organization of your life or something to keep you on track a planner is a very personal object and can be a life saver to the mentally unorganized or someone just looking for some stabilitiy. 

Most planners come in several different sizes and ranges for their users, some companies even offer larger and smaller ring sizes to allow for the stuffers of the planner community to do so with ease. 

Now my focus on planners today is the types I have had the most experience with: 
Filofax, Kate Spade, Kikki K and Erin Condren

Erin Condren offers beautifully looking planners but the only draw back tot hat is that they seem to only come in the A5 or a little larger size. These planners are awesome for the scheduled person because of their verticial layout that allows a user to see their day as a whole right now a line.

Filofax, Kate spade and Kikki K all offer similar sizes although some do not offer the exact ring size or such.

Filofax offers:

Franklin Covey offers similar sizes but in their own unique names, the most similar would be the compact which offers a ring style matching to that of a filofax, whereas their other planner options offer a seven ring style.

Kikki K

This company does change their sizes based on the collection and does not offer a constant planner option as they change once the current design sells out.

Kate Spade:
This planner comes in two sizes

- Personal

This planner brand is well coveted in the comminuty now a days and while we are all waiting very long for a new collection you can usually find one on ebay or on the filofax for sale facebook page.

Bottom line there is tons of sizes and I have found I went with my gut on a size and I ended up going smaller, so my reccomdendation is to try out something you think will work based on your needs and if that doesn't work, get another and keep trying, eventually you'll find planner peace. =)


When Choosing an insert for a ring bound it needs to be chosen carefully cause there is so many types and options out there that when I started looking it made my head spin with confusion.

A few options are
- Week on a page
- Week on 2 pages
- Day on a page
- Day on 2 pages
- Monthly
- Month on two pages

And then thats not all, there is premade, printed, lined, colourful, decoration, and all of the other things that you can think could be made up. 

So just take some time and even sketch out what you need, watch some youtube videos or as you are doing now, read a blog or two that has some options for you. Keep trying until you find something that works for you and makes you glad that you made the choice. 

Places to Look for Planners/Inserts

Depending on what it is you want there are several places to take a look for these planners, and most offer shipping to international customers.

Planners ( Link on this site for canadian version) 
Filofax and Pens for sale on facebook
Kate Spade groups on facebook.

For Inserts
The above mentioned
Etsy offers many options both printable and printed.
Make your own! =) If you are computer friendly in digitial media then go for it and make your planner as personalized as you are! 

For Inspiration

In Conclusion:

Planners are something that I personal believe everyone does need to have in some form because in the end of the day we all need some sort of organization in our life and this helps us to keep our life and whats in our life in check, as well as allows us to find some peace when it comes to managing out tasks and our busy busy lives.

So my little hobbits,
Stay Organized!


Instagram: OrganizedHobbit
Youtube: Organizedhobbit ( Will be posting soon there) 
Facebook: I am Amie Smith and can often be seen on the various groups regarding planners. 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Pen Pal Book Tutorial

Hello my lovely hobbits !!! I am posting my first blog and as per request it is a beautiful new pen pal book I have made :)
You will need.

1. Two cards of same size and larger then the large project life cards.
2. Tape roller and scotch Matte tape. (It can be any kind just make sure it's removable if you need to fix something)
3. 4 large size project life cards with either quotes or anything that suits your fancy.
4. 32 smaller project life cards of your choosing. I prefer to match and for this tutorial have used the fall mink kit.
5. A small envelope to allow for penpals to put their letters or small goodies! 
6. Some stamps and inks of choice to decorate your envelope (optional)

Step One: 

Place the cards on their back and tape them so they open up as shown above. Leave space so when you fold it up or place things inside it is not squished or bent. 

Step 2:

Using your scotch tape tape up your large cards on one side of your choice so the card becomes like a flap. Doing this will create a lovely new top to your different mini books inside.

Step 3 

Complete your mini books by taping them up so they create a fold. Like with the cards themselves leave a small space to allow for some stickers or thicker embellishments ect.. when writing to a pen pal. 

Step 4.

Using your tape roller tape which ever side of the book you do not want as the cover onto the cards. Make sure it's straight so when the large project life card folds down the smaller cards cannot be seen. Follow above steps until all large cards are filled up. 

Cards should lay like this below

Step 5: Decorate the envelope!

This step is of course optional but I recommend memento ink and doing some distress to make it nice and pretty! Below is a look I have completed. 

Use your tape roller on the back of the envelope and put it onto the exposed portion of the card as seen above. 

So!! That is everything; I hope this tutorial works out for you and is as informative as you need it to be to create your own lovely books.
I would love to be tagged on my Instagram: Organizedhobbit to see your own books!