Monday, 30 June 2014

My daily pages and how I use them.

Hello my lovely little hobbit followers, I am here today with a new blog post for you to introduce you to my planner peace; my Kate Spade Wellesley Planner.

The above image is a look at the current colour I am using is the green planner, while I wait so very long to have my purple and pink to come in and complete my collection. 

It took a long time to figure out that this was the planner for me and I like so many have tried so many before I finally got to using one that gave me everything that I would ever need in my planners daily life. My hope is that Kate Spade comes out with a new zipped collection as the six I have now would love another collection to accompany them =) 

So.. Why Kate Spade right? Its a question I get really often and I am sure all those other ones but thats a question that will be answered in my next blog involving my Kate spade Planner Peace Blog =) So no worries for those who have asked, I just prefer to wait until I have all of my planners in my possession and am able to give you the full attentions to detail. 

Okay so what makes me Organized? 

These Key things keep me Organized.

-  My Planner
-  My Colour Coded System
-  Bullet Journal System 
- My Necessities pouch 
- My Coleto Pen
- My wonderfully printed inserts from RogueCrusade On Etsy. These have all that I need to be organized and keep within a wonderful system.

So First My Planner: 

My Planner of Choice is the  Kate Spade Wellesley in any colour. I am a personal size user as I am not terribly busy in terms of appointments and such, but there is a need for organization when it comes to my daily to do's and my general needs. 

The above are just examples of a day that I use in my planner, specifically todays page which for all intensive purposes might seem a little bit messy to some or a little bit unorganized because of the cute post its and washi tape, but its what I use to keep this Hobbit organized. 

On a Daily event I use different sticky flags and notes depending on what I am going for or how much information needs to be completed.
The top {   } is where I keep a quote to have me inspired for the day ahead. That is colour coded in pink because it is a happy colour and I ab
The Top spot beside is where I keep any appointments or anything from that day that I just want to remember and that is a general item so unless it's important it goes colour coded in Black.

Underneath there are four little blocks
-Money Saved
-Money earned
-Happy moment of the day
- And one I haven't quite found a use for but I am thinking of using it for a track on my WW points as I am using the program. 

Underneath these four blocks is a spot for the days to-do's which is done for me in purple and along side I use my bullet journal system which consists of the below things.

Beside this area is a spot for tracking the days water and beneath my water tracker is where I keep my 365/30 lists which in this month I used the one from Bitsofwhimsey on IG and a pen pal on facebook. Her lists were intriguing and I hope she does one for the month of july. 

On the lined area I use a sticky note each day to put a little bit of a personal inspiration or goal as per seen by My Planner on Youtube, her use of these inserts is what truly inspired me in my own personal system and I will be grateful for all the beautiful ideas she gave to me although I doubt she knows that she did. =) 

N The pen shown above is a Scillies pen with three different colour coding options. It's like the coleto and refillable. Thin lined at 0.4 and so beautiful and clean looking in my planner! 

So I also use the lines for keeping track of the days instagram photo challenge which this month was sponsored by Adamsfilo. I am doing my own today so please if you have an Instagram check it out! All Links and appropriate information is located at the bottom of this blog.

In the planner I use my A TO Z tabs which will be another blog because its quite in depth and I know this is already running into a log blog. I will also be including in that blog my planner pouch because it needs a bit of tweaking and it's quite messy =P 

Anyway my little hobbits thats just a basic look into my current set up when it comes to my daily works. I know it might be a little bit confusing and basic but I will be uploading a video on my youtube channel soon enough that explains it all if there is any other questions.

However feel free to follow or contact me through any of these mediums.

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Instagram: OrganizedHobbit
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Thank you my hobbit followers, as always it's a pleasure!


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  1. Very interesting daily pages. Didn't seem too messy to me.