Sunday, 8 June 2014

Pen Pal Book Tutorial

Hello my lovely hobbits !!! I am posting my first blog and as per request it is a beautiful new pen pal book I have made :)
You will need.

1. Two cards of same size and larger then the large project life cards.
2. Tape roller and scotch Matte tape. (It can be any kind just make sure it's removable if you need to fix something)
3. 4 large size project life cards with either quotes or anything that suits your fancy.
4. 32 smaller project life cards of your choosing. I prefer to match and for this tutorial have used the fall mink kit.
5. A small envelope to allow for penpals to put their letters or small goodies! 
6. Some stamps and inks of choice to decorate your envelope (optional)

Step One: 

Place the cards on their back and tape them so they open up as shown above. Leave space so when you fold it up or place things inside it is not squished or bent. 

Step 2:

Using your scotch tape tape up your large cards on one side of your choice so the card becomes like a flap. Doing this will create a lovely new top to your different mini books inside.

Step 3 

Complete your mini books by taping them up so they create a fold. Like with the cards themselves leave a small space to allow for some stickers or thicker embellishments ect.. when writing to a pen pal. 

Step 4.

Using your tape roller tape which ever side of the book you do not want as the cover onto the cards. Make sure it's straight so when the large project life card folds down the smaller cards cannot be seen. Follow above steps until all large cards are filled up. 

Cards should lay like this below

Step 5: Decorate the envelope!

This step is of course optional but I recommend memento ink and doing some distress to make it nice and pretty! Below is a look I have completed. 

Use your tape roller on the back of the envelope and put it onto the exposed portion of the card as seen above. 

So!! That is everything; I hope this tutorial works out for you and is as informative as you need it to be to create your own lovely books.
I would love to be tagged on my Instagram: Organizedhobbit to see your own books! 


  1. Thank you for sharing and can't wait to make anytime this week =) God bless!

  2. Thank you a lot!!!
    A great hug