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What filofax or planner is suited for you?

Hello My little Hobbits! Today I am doing up a blog on regards to picking out a filofax or other planner that will suit your needs best. 

Types of Planners

We all know in the planner community that there is a pleathera of different types of planners that you can have and use and all need careful consideration when we are deciding on what kind would be the best for our planning needs. 

Most common types of planners are: 

- Coil Planners
- Ring Binder types
- Book Like planners
- Applications on the iphone or other smart phone.

So many different options that then are again broken down into several hundred brands!

- Filofax
- Gillo 
- Staples
- Kate Spade
- Kikki K
-Erin Condren 
Ect. Each brand and each type of planner has their own good points and bad that need to be considered,

So lets take a look at what each type can offer us?


Coil Planners such staples/mead , Erin Condren and many other fine brands offer a structure to them because all the inserts are already pre layed out for us. This type of planner is usually good for the basic user, someone who might not need to go as in depth because there isn't much room for moving and personalization. 
The same goes for a user with a book layout, the books are premaid and often come in a week on two page layout, moleskine is a huge brand in book planners and offer a nice range of sizes for all users. 
Each brand has their own unique layouts and options and a user needs to consider carefully when choosing their planner. 

Now onto the more in depth planners such as a ring binder type planner.,

These planners offer a great personalization and open ended structure because they allow the user to go ahead and move things around, pick their inserts and use each part of the binder to their choosing. 
A minus to this for many can be the cost of the planners because it can be quite expensive to pick out one such as this, although there is companies that offer kess expensive binder options such as Franklin Covey. 

When choosing a binder one also has to consider what material they want it made out of? Leather or non leather, shiny or matte? A look of a planner can truly make someone more or less organized, I have found this to be the fact when using my own. 

In basics the best things you need to consider is what you need your own planner for, if it's a truly in depth organization of your life or something to keep you on track a planner is a very personal object and can be a life saver to the mentally unorganized or someone just looking for some stabilitiy. 

Most planners come in several different sizes and ranges for their users, some companies even offer larger and smaller ring sizes to allow for the stuffers of the planner community to do so with ease. 

Now my focus on planners today is the types I have had the most experience with: 
Filofax, Kate Spade, Kikki K and Erin Condren

Erin Condren offers beautifully looking planners but the only draw back tot hat is that they seem to only come in the A5 or a little larger size. These planners are awesome for the scheduled person because of their verticial layout that allows a user to see their day as a whole right now a line.

Filofax, Kate spade and Kikki K all offer similar sizes although some do not offer the exact ring size or such.

Filofax offers:

Franklin Covey offers similar sizes but in their own unique names, the most similar would be the compact which offers a ring style matching to that of a filofax, whereas their other planner options offer a seven ring style.

Kikki K

This company does change their sizes based on the collection and does not offer a constant planner option as they change once the current design sells out.

Kate Spade:
This planner comes in two sizes

- Personal

This planner brand is well coveted in the comminuty now a days and while we are all waiting very long for a new collection you can usually find one on ebay or on the filofax for sale facebook page.

Bottom line there is tons of sizes and I have found I went with my gut on a size and I ended up going smaller, so my reccomdendation is to try out something you think will work based on your needs and if that doesn't work, get another and keep trying, eventually you'll find planner peace. =)


When Choosing an insert for a ring bound it needs to be chosen carefully cause there is so many types and options out there that when I started looking it made my head spin with confusion.

A few options are
- Week on a page
- Week on 2 pages
- Day on a page
- Day on 2 pages
- Monthly
- Month on two pages

And then thats not all, there is premade, printed, lined, colourful, decoration, and all of the other things that you can think could be made up. 

So just take some time and even sketch out what you need, watch some youtube videos or as you are doing now, read a blog or two that has some options for you. Keep trying until you find something that works for you and makes you glad that you made the choice. 

Places to Look for Planners/Inserts

Depending on what it is you want there are several places to take a look for these planners, and most offer shipping to international customers.

Planners ( Link on this site for canadian version) 
Filofax and Pens for sale on facebook
Kate Spade groups on facebook.

For Inserts
The above mentioned
Etsy offers many options both printable and printed.
Make your own! =) If you are computer friendly in digitial media then go for it and make your planner as personalized as you are! 

For Inspiration

In Conclusion:

Planners are something that I personal believe everyone does need to have in some form because in the end of the day we all need some sort of organization in our life and this helps us to keep our life and whats in our life in check, as well as allows us to find some peace when it comes to managing out tasks and our busy busy lives.

So my little hobbits,
Stay Organized!


Instagram: OrganizedHobbit
Youtube: Organizedhobbit ( Will be posting soon there) 
Facebook: I am Amie Smith and can often be seen on the various groups regarding planners. 

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