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Organizing 101 : Desk space.

Hello my little Hobbits, it's me back again with a new blog post for you. 

This one is focused on the organization in regards to the random and then more common aspects to things any artist/planner person uses... Or at the very least the things I do to make my life a little more organzied. 

So first thing is my desk top, because lets face it.. Regardless of what I might shove in my drawers I still have to face the desk top each time I come back into my room.. So I try and keep it as organized as possible. 

For my tools and main small washi tapes as well as my heat tool I repurposed some old vases and put some small stones in to keep them up to the level. I like to keep my paintbrushes and my other misc tools in the one on the left and the washi tape that I reach for on a daily basis or my thinner washi tapes as my main storage for them is quite full as you will see below. =)

I bought this little holder organizer from walmart, but I have seen other options in staples/michaels and any other organizer store. I use the small tray on top to hold some basic items and smal tags that I use between each of the projects I work on. 
To make it simple I will use the left to right method to describe the caddy and the things I keep into it.

Paper Clips and small unused eraser. I always need a spare eraser for my drawings and it never fails if I need to clip up something that I don't have the neccesary clips to do so, so I keep those inside the first pack for easy and constant access. 

The next two are various things I use for my art such as some small watercolour pots and q-tips as well for my blending and of course cleaning up my ears when needed haha!!

The second row is planner related and in each in respective to the 123 order is my decorative clips for my planner, my sticker flakes and some transparent stickys that I use every day, and then in the very last is my favourite, it houses my random sticky notes that don't have a home.. I tried storing them in a different place such as my Orla Keily planner pouch but I found that I wasn't using them and with that I needed them to be in a constant place.. To me if something is actually around you then you are more inclined to use it, versus only using it when you go for the case in the first place. 

Bottom row just consists of my change, batteries and my junk spot where all my little things that I never really need but like to have around. 

Again for my pens and common used markers is a repurposed vase that my mother gave me and I thought would be perfect and gave my desk a little more of a feminine and classy (in my opinion) touch! I just keep my most grabbed pens as well as my sharpie pens because I use them on a daily basis for art journalling and in my planner for my titles. 

My little side cubby is part of the walmart orgnizational collection currently out and I love it because it fits perfectly between my desk and my shelf. I like to keep my box of q-tips, stabilos, crayola pencil crayons, and my longer rulers and my paper cutters. A shoe box or anything spare would work just as good, but it was something I bought when I needed a temporary home for my washi and it was perfect for this space. Plus it keeps up standing and again a very easy access for me. 

On my desk I have a keruig k cup holder which fits washi tape perfectly.. I discovered this awesome idea when I was just putting my washi in random objects around my house trying to find something to keep it organized. As you can see there is no colour system but I do put my newest ones to the left and go further over.. But I have more organization when it comes to my washi samples I keep in my planner because unless it's a new project I go for the stuff I keep in my planner soI can use it up and then make some new samples. =) 

So my basic desk set up looks like what it does down below other then some new tweaks now and again... I don't mind having some things around here and there like a pack of gum or something, but I like to keep my main work area clean and tidy because that promotes productivity. 
My picture is a throw back to one I posted a little while ago on my instagram, because it does mirror exactly what my desk currently looks like. Except some of the cups and toilet paper are gone because the projects I was using some of the things for are finished. =) 

My organization tips when it comes to a desk top.
1. Keep it clear and free of clutter, an open desk allows for an open mind. 
2. Keep the things you use daily close, but don't over stock yourself. Don't put in 15 pens just because you use pens every day. Less can be more, use what you need and leave the rest to a different location so you don't feel like you are drowning in your items. 
3. I reccomend using some sort of mat on your desk to keep it neat and tidy, especially if you are a crafter or an artist because some of the things we use can be messy and this helps to keep our desk protected as well.
4. Make it your own, use items you love and inspire you so when you sit there you feel good... You feel like you can be productive... If having some level of disorganization helps you.. Then always go with what works for you.. 
5. Organization doesn't have to be complicated, don't do all the things I do or you see someone else does because it works for them. Often times if you go with what simply /works/ then you'll be fine.. Especially true I find with my desk because my needs won't match others and if I tried to make my desk work to someone elses, I wouldn't be as inpsired to work in my own way. 

Second part now is related to my desk drawers which can be slightly disorganized at times but I have a good system going now that works to keep my desk free and clear.

My top drawer is my far most organized drawer thanks to the organization bins that I found from walmart.  I keep my tape, my smaller punches, lip balm and gum. Some small things as you can see, but just the bare minimum of things that I know I use on a daily or every couple of days because as you probably notice, I think less is more haha!! The one thing is that I do enjoy having some things in there that I don't neccesarly need in such a close drawer such as my small hello kitty container or two flashlights.. It's just something small I like to allow myself. 

My second desk drawer is my... Planner/organizational/art area.. i keep my Project management as well as my ipad and my novel planning book near the back of my drawer. At the side I have my blending stumps and my extra different size pencils in the two orange and brown containers. Infront of that is my punches and MT Washi. =) 

The next section is for my art journalling, it houses my art journal and my little purple scraps container that I recieved from Monkeytoes on facebook. -=) Above that is my little watercolour pallet. 

I keep this area organized by type of product it is.. My Crafting, art and organization.  

The last and least organized is my last drawer. In this is just a container housing my photos for my project life and my various artistic tools such as pastel and watercolour pencils. I also keep my mineral spirits which I use for various crafting.. This drawer is meant to use for a filing system but for my needs it wasn't neccesary so I changed it up and made it work into something that was much more functional. 

So a few tips again for your drawer management.
1. Use little cubbies to help break up things so they sit flat and arent just sticking any which way.. Doing that will help keep everything in line. 
2. Don't use each drawer for what it's meant to! Change it up and keep mixing stuff around until you find what works, if you need the extra space for something different, go for it!

Some of this might of seem basic to some and some might of seemed to involved but this Organization blog was just my way of using what I have found worked for me to perhaps inspire you in a way to find something to solve your own organization woes.

Any feedback would be appreciated because my Organization 101 blogs will become a monthly event and I'd love to know what you liked, didn't like and what you would want to see in the future.

If you have any questions or want to know where I got anything please feel free to email:

My Instagram: Organizedhobbit

I am also on many of the facebook groups so feel free to chat me up or just send me a like now and then. =) Thank you for reading my hobbits and keep tuned for my upcoming interviews.! 

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