Monday, 1 September 2014

Monthly Review : August

Welcome to my Monthly Reivew of August, my little Hobbits. =)

Today is just a review on how my month went in terms of my projects and blog planning. I created a system at the last of july that I had hoped would help me with my planning as you see above.

This did help in some ways but the biggest thing I found was that I was overscheduling myself because my life is very hectic in terms of lots of things to do, so I in the next blog will show you how I have changed my methods to make my system work for me.

Now onto the GOALS: 

Goals Completed
- Fit Bit Challenge
- Started my drawing projects
- Completed all 4 POTD Challenges
- 1500 subscribers.
- Planner Management.

Goals Not Completed
Writing Projects
- Drinking Pop only once a week, 
- No Spend Month 
- Drinking my daily water.

Most of my goals that were not completed were personal goals I set for myself, ones I wanted to complete to ease some financial or health issues. However when it came to my writing project the biggest problem I find, is my writing.

When I see my writing I get a bit frustrated because it's no where near neat enough for me. So I will work on that in the coming months, as well save up some money to get a small computer or something of the sort of an app. So I can use that system for my writing projects. 

The way I choose to work is that when I find an obstacle, I try to work out a way with it, versus just dropping it. I need to accomplsh my goals, and I won't do that by giving up! 

What I learned

- Not to overbook myself, I need balance between personal and work to allow for my planner to really help me achieve my goals and to worry less about other things. 
- Planning ahead is key. If I plan my projects in my monthly format, I have an awesome over view of all I can get done this month, and even if one or two things doesn't get finished, I can still know I have completed so much more. 
- I purchased a grid book from May Designs this month and using it as my blog and Instagram tracker has really helped me in keeping track of my "work" and aware of the things going on. 
- Being prepared and scheduling things in a manner that I can complete them. If I am making up a large project and haven't got the materials or time to do it, it won't get very far. So being prepared and giving myself the time I need will be crucial next month. 

Onto the next month:
- Room Organization
- Finish my Time Turner Drawing
- Post my weekly blogs on time.
- Use my May Book as its intended. 
- Keep to my no spend and sell sell sell monthly goals. 

I truly believe that being organized comes from a want to not just be organized but the passion to have a life that is free from clutter. 

So I hope that you enjoyed this blog and I look forward to sharing my full monthly Goals with you next week.

Thanks again and Stay Organized. 

IG: OrganizedHobbit 

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