Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Kate Spade Planner Story

This is my collection of Kate Spade Planners. =) 

I have been asked every time I post my collection, where I get them and how I managed to get them all, especially since it seems everyone has such a problem doing that.

First off I want to say that this isn't a blog meant for bragging or anything of the sort. I had to work hard to afford my planners just like anyone else, and although I did have help obtaining them, I did pay and work for them all myself. 

Also I will not be sharing the prices I paid. I know they might be less or more then what you feel should of been paid for them, so just know I paid what i needed to pay. = )

Soo... From the beginning.

I first discovered Kate Spade Planners from youtube. I believe it was My_Planner on youtube. I fell in love with the planners and finally decided after much debate on a zipped planner to purchase one.

So it came first my Black Planner.

My older sister Kayla (Somuchtogain) and I went to Vegas April 2014 and I found my very first one in the Kate Spade Outlet there. I immediatly fell in love and knew from then I wanted to have this collection.

Never before had I felt such peace and comfort from a planner. It fit me perfectly. 

So next came my red one.

This was the first of my trades, I traded the red for my A5 Finsbury in rasberry to a girl on facebook named Vivian. She was so generous in trading with me, and although its actually the only one I haven't yet used, I can't wait until the fall time when it's beautiful crimson colour will shine. =) 

Next came my lovely green, one of my top 3 favourite colours. It came from a girl on facebook (as did most of mine) who took a big dip on my shipping for me and sent it with some cute little goodiers that I've already used up. 

My Beautiful Purple was the next to come to me. I bought it from a seller on ebay who thankfully allowed me to purchase outside of her lising which was amazingly generous. I was so excited when I got her and she is my top favourite!

My Coral came from Katherine Peas on facebook. Also knows as PeasKneas on instagram. She had been struggling with the idea of selling for a long while because she wasn't sure if she liked it or if she was thinking it miuch to orange for her.

So we talked for a while and she finally decided she couldn;t stand the colour and sent it to me with some lovely matching target flags which I think are mostly to blame for my new addiction with them. =) 

And last my pink.. It was hard to make the choice to trade my personal and pocket mint kikki k for this planner and in some ways I do regret it.. Especially now that I got my lilac because I love my personal lilac and wish I had my matching mint.

So thats my story basically. .Not very interesting but I wanted to have it laid out because I am always asked and this hopefully might lead to some answers. Down below I will list the groups and such that you can check out for the planners and hopefully find your unicorn as I have found mine. =)

Thank you for tuning in and hopefully you'll tune in for the next post. = ) 

Facebook: Kate Spade Planner Club
               : Filofax and pens for sale.

My Instagram: Organizedhobbit 


  1. First off I want to say that this isn't a blog meant for bragging or anything of the sort. I had to work hard to afford my planners just like anyone ...

  2. Hi! I love planners and organization as well! I'm a planner addict to be honest and recently came across the Kate Spade zip around planners and, unfortunately, can't find one in the stores. I know I may come across as rude and a total bum head and I apologize, but i desperately want one of these planners, so if you ever decide to sell one of these, please contact me!! Sorry again!!

  3. Hi! Are you interested in selling any of your KS planners? If so I'm interested!